Wi Program

With our most recent efforts to evolve the programs and provision of services to meet the most current needs of our community, we have created a hybrid environment for both in-person and virtual meetings, programs and events. We also have a virtual viewing room where individuals may participate anonymously in online groups and meetings. We employ the term “Wi” to emphasize the availability of connection and community using virtual platforms in an in person environment.


We use the term next step services to embrace the idea of an individual program developed for each participant. Each person participating in a recovery process can relate to the idea of the next step and the fact that not everyone is in the same place at the same time. We hope to use this platform of services to offer and provide the guidance and supportive services for individuals and families actively participating in their recovery from substance abuse and its effects.
  • Phone/fax/copy/print
  • Wi-Fi
  • Computers
  • Shared/Individual workstations
  • Large meeting room w/ virtual streaming capability
  • Small group/meeting room
  • Books/Movies
  • Kitchenette/Coffee Service


Peer Support is available in an individual and/or group setting in our third place environment for individuals and families seeking support and/or guidance. We are also a place where individuals and providers are welcome to introduce and offer their own ideas and/or services. It is our belief that the building of true community can only happen through connection and collaboration. We want to be your third place, where everyone can feel a part and take advantage of the opportunities available through varying mediums of connection to both help people, and help people help people.
  • Peer Support Specialists
  • Community Health Workers
  • Topics Specific groups
  • CRAFT Training
  • Community Based Groups
  • All Pathways Welcome and Supported
  • Resource Connection
  • Hybrid Capability for Meeting Space
  • Parent Support


Our third place environment offers space to community based and 12 Step recovery groups to hold meetings, events and ongoing connection through mentorship, sponsorship and evolving mediums of guidance and support. We recognize, welcome and support all pathways of recovery and invite anyone who would be interested in starting their own group or meeting to contact us for more information. We hope to provide space where it is possible to discover and connect with a plethora of recovery related services and support through the resources on site as well as through our friends and partners in the community. Our volunteers have lived experience that we believe to be helpful to anyone at any stage in their recovery and development. We strive to build community through the recovery process and provide a place where connection is encouraged and supported. It is a “Wi” program.
  • All Recovery Pathways Welcome
  • 12 Step/Community Based Groups
  • Peer Recovery Support
  • Community Health Workers
  • Recovery Related Services
  • Shared Space Opportunity for providers
  • Meeting Space with Virtual Streaming Capacity (Hybrid)
  • Flexible Space Allocation
  • Individual computers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phone/fax/copy/print
  • Kitchenette/Coffee Station